We are looking for creative scientists with a passion for chemistry.

Syncom’s employees are working on more than 1000 projects and synthesize over 10.000 new molecules every year. In our state-of-the-art laboratories we work on a variety of challenging synthetic organic chemistry projects for a global client base.

We are regularly in search for well-trained and talented synthetic organic chemists, who enjoy carrying out reactions across the broad range of organic transformations. Experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Process Chemistry or complex synthetic Organic Chemistry (PhD, MSc or BSc) is preferred.

If you would like to work at Syncom we invite you to send an open application to our HR Officer, Ms. Marga Vos (m.vos@syncom.nl).

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Syncom offers an environment in which one can apply and develop his or her synthetic skills to serve the needs of the large variety of clients. Projects may be carried out independently or as part of a team. The company is characterized by an informal organization, leaving ample room for own initiatives.


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