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Annually, molecule of the yearSyncom grants the Molecule of the Year Award to the most profound of its many challenging research projects that are executed for its clients. The prize is a great recognition, acknowledging the creativity and stamina of the team of chemists that drove the project to a successful completion. This year the proud winners are Wolter ten Hoeve, Wouter van der Neut, Jochem van Herpt, Rory van der Hulst, Maxime Kraaijeveld, Belen Bazan, Lisette Bos-Slump and Jan Koek for their contribution in the route design, process R&D and successful scale up of a complex and promising novel API.

“The existing synthesis of this compound was unamenable to scale-up” says Wolter ten Hoeve, principal scientist and co-founder of Syncom, “A whole new route had to be developed. Although the new route involved some delicate chemistry, it appeared to be well-suited for scale-up, as was proven by the ‘large-scale’ team of Syncom. High-purity material was prepared for tox studies using the developed chemistry. The process developed by Syncom was subsequently successfully transferred for further scale up and cGMP manufacturing. “

Syncom is proud to have a large team of talented and skilled scientists and would like to congratulate this year, well-deserved, winners for this excellent accomplishment.

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