Dutch Design & Synthesis Guest Lecture: Dr. Joop ter Horst

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Prof. Joop ter Horst visited Syncom as a guest of our Dutch Design & Synthesis lectures. Joop ter Horst, professor at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, addressed various technical aspects of the crystallization of chiral compounds in complex multicomponent mixtures.

Joop ter Horst obtained his PhD at Delft University in 2000.  After a period as assistant professor he moved to Strathclyde three years ago. His chief interest lies in the technology of crystallization. He has been very active in the study of nucleation and also in the applications of Viedma ripening (attrition induced deracemization). He is coordinator of the EU network Continuous Resolution (CORE) in which six universities and Syncom participate with a total of 15 PhD students.

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