Dutch Design & Synthesis Guest Lectures: Dr. Peter Deuss

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Dr. Peter Deuss visited Syncom as part our Dutch Design & Synthesis guest lectures. His talk, entitled Valuable chemical products from lignocellulosic biomass; a focus on lignin”, disclosed new strategies for the conversion of lignin into well-defined aromatic chemicals.

Peter J. Deuss performed his bachelor and masters studies in chemistry at the university of Amsterdam (UvA). In 2006 he moved to the university of St. Andrews (Scotland) where he obtained his PhD in the group of Prof. P. C. J. Kamer working on the development of artificial metalloenzymes. After a postdoctoral stay in the group of Prof. Dr. M. J. Gait in Cambridge (UK), Peter moved to the University of Groningen as post-doctoral researcher. Since October 2016 he is a tenure track assistant professor in the  chemical engineering department with a research focus on green and smart biomass processing.

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