Medicinal chemistry

An interdisciplinary team with over 100 years of pharmaceutical experience to take you to the next clinical candidate.

Medicinal chemistry is an interdisciplinary science where experience is key. Our Med Chem team combines over 100 years of relevant experience in pharma industry, including 30 years collective know-how on synthetic chemistry.

Syncom delivers high-quality medicinal chemistry services to advance your drug discovery programs: from hit identification to lead optimization and nomination of a clinical candidate. Our team combines an interdisciplinary, highly trained leadership with extensive synthetic resources, such as high throughput library synthesis. In addition, we offer in-house computational chemistry to support with – for example – bioisosteric replacements or interactive structure and ligand-based drug design. Are you interested in a fully-integrated program? That is possible in collaboration with our partners. Please contact us for more details.

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Hit finding and evaluation

Experience with Fragment-, High-Throughput Screening campaigns and DNA-encoded library screening. Hit confirmation and validation.

Lead identification

Identification of a robust lead compound with the right efficacy, PK and safety criteria.

Lead optimization

Optimization to deliver a compound with the target candidate profile (primary activity, in vivo efficacy).

Computational chemistry

Within MercachemSyncom, there is a variety of software packages available to support medicinal chemistry efforts: MOE suite (Chemical Computing Group; CCG), Maestro (Schrödinger), Torch and Spark (Cresset), PyMol, Spotfire and Molegro Virtual Docker (MVD) for docking.

PROTAC toolkit

Modular chemistry toolbox for PROTACS. Selection of E3 ligands (VHL, and a series of CRBN analogs). Linkers with different length and composition. Established chemistry to connect these linkers to the E3 ligands.

Partner network

Selected strategic partners complement our medicinal chemistry capabilities (High- Throughput Screening, in vitro/in vivo biology).

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