Parallel chemistry

High throughput synthesis to quickly access chemical diversity.

Syncom has a dedicated team for the design and synthesis of compound arrays, with a focus on the design of novel, 3D scaffolds.

Syncom’s parallel chemistry group has been a successful partner in the European Lead Factory for the last four years. In the context of this consortium, Syncom has delivered 40.000 new compounds based on novel 3D scaffolds. As you can imagine, this multiyear initiative gave us a lot of experience and know-how. This is successfully applied to the synthesis of custom-made libraries and to our Medicinal Chemistry Programs. Our parallel chemistry efforts are supported by a fully automated purification train which is based on mass directed purification.

Our parallel synthesis group has over 10.000 scaffolds and decorating agents available for immediate use (amines, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, boronic acids, et cetera.).

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Library design

Experience in the design of novel, 3D scaffolds.

Chemical validation

30 years of synthetic experience at work.

Focused libraries

Synthesis of focused compound arrays.

Fragment libraries

Design of novel, 3D fragments.

Virtual libraries

Novel virtual libraries based on unique scaffolds.

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