Process R&D and Scale up

An experienced team to take your Medicinal Chemistry route to the next level.

Make use of our 30 years’ experience and collective brainpower to design the optimal route towards your new drug. Furthermore, scale up to multi-kilogram (both non-GMP and GMP) is available within the MercachemSyncom group.

Syncom can help to mitigate CMC risk when transitioning from research to development. We offer route scouting, risk assessments, catalyst screens and early safety studies. This is supported by parallel experimentation and design-of-experiment (DoE) optimization, to ensure that the route chosen for clinical supply will be robust, reliable and ultimately scalable. Syncom has developed over hundreds of novel routes for innovative API’s throughout the years.

With two separate non-GMP and cGMP supporting business units, key preclinical milestones can be reached quickly, without the GMP overhead. We ensure a seamless transition into our GMP-operation for the clinical API-manufacturing. This is a highly efficient and cost-competitive model, whereby you can always count on an experienced support team with a dedicated project manager.

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Route scouting

Literature study. Over 100 novel routes developed for API’s as well as generics.

Process development

Early process development. Catalyst screening. Impurity research.

Regulatory toxicology materials

Synthesis of API for GLP-toxicology studies.

Starting materials for cGMP

Synthesis of Regulatory Starting materials (RSM).

Chiral technologies

Salt screening system for classical resolutions. Identification of salts for purification purposes. Dutch resolution. Attrition enhanced deracemization. Buoyant density separation.

Flow technologies

Commercial systems: H-cube (Thales Nano) and Labtrix (Chemtrix). Custom-built reactors. Multiphase reactions. Photochemistry. Exothermic reactions. Highly reactive intermediates.

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