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State-of-the-art technologies allow us to arrive faster to better solutions. Chiral technologies, flow chemistry, synthesis of linkers and labels and PROTAC are some of Syncom’s specialties.

Chirality is a core expertise in Syncom. We are well-known experts in classical resolution and the inventors of the “Dutch resolution”. Our diastereomeric salt screening system allows for a rapid screening of resolving agents (over 300 available in-house), with a success rate of >95%. The same system can be applied to salt formation screening for purification purposes. Syncom is directly involved in new developments in the field of chirality, such as attrition enhanced deracemization and Buoyant density separation.

Continuous flow technologies enable us to push the limits of organic synthesis. Highly reactive intermediates, exothermic or multiphasic reactions and photochemistry are some examples of reactions that greatly benefit from the use of continuous reactors.

At the interface with biology, Syncom actively works on the design and synthesis of linkers and labels (fluorescence, near IR or cytotoxic drugs). At MercachemSyncom, we have developed a toolbox for proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTAC).

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Chiral technologies

Salt screening system for classical resolutions. Identification of salts for purification purposes. Dutch resolution. Attrition enhanced deracemization. Buoyant density separation.

Flow technologies

Commercial systems: H-cube (Thales Nano) and Labtrix (Chemtrix). Custom-built reactors. Multiphase reactions. Photochemistry. Exothermic reactions. Highly reactive intermediates.

Synthesis of linkers and labels

Synthesis of complex linkers for various applications. Synthesis of Antibody Drug Conjugate warheads (safebridge level 3), MRI labels, fluorescence label and near IR dyes.

Catalyst screening

In-house collection of homogeneous and heterogeneous metal catalysts as well as biocatalysts. Inert gas conditions (Glove box) or pressure of the gas of choice (parallel autoclave system).


Modular chemistry toolbox for PROTACS. Selection of E3 ligands (VHL, and a series of CRBN analogs). Linkers with different length and composition. Established chemistry to connect these linkers to the E3 ligands.

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